Just who I was looking for

The thoughts floated to my brain

Maybe I should transcribe my thoughts?

I decided twitter was a better idea

Should I purposely  omit tweets?

No, just made a donation button.

Type up my writing onto my computer

A list of things I want to leave this world with.

Why is it so hard to commit?

Maybe by thinking hard, that’s the problem

So I should just think it’s easy?

easy and hard are two sides of the same coin

Is Gary Johnson looking good yet?

The same anti-establishment and doesn’t seem as crazy

What are the before and after stats since becoming Governor of New Mexico

Each State should have a job

Are you a quitter?

Suicide may be the answer?

One day I will read back my own journals

Sued for any reason, the courts have become the battleground

Taking away constitutional rights

Results or it doesn’t matter

I am going to worry about other items later

So you did decide?

I guess I did

What can you do right this second?

Just add memes

Whould you do it if it didn’t make you money?

We will see



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