History of Human-Beings 2060 ad

Chapter 1

Set in 2060

Details of daily life

  • there are currently 100, 10 million people cities with an additional 10 million in mines
  • earth is mostly a nature preserve except for lava mines
  • lava mines power the world
  • most cities have been torn down to make lava/building material
  • sell homes, use scrap to buy a ‘new life’ in cities
  • 80% sold,
  • great migration
  • forests are being regrown
  • no more trash
  • everything can be reused
  • special material
  • There has been a general population reduction over past 50 years
  • people became scared and started caring about the world they lived in is the easiest explanation
  • everything that is produced is made of a new material
  • the material can be fully customized
  • Lava powers cities and is used in New Material
  • Robots are used in most labor but still some humans to program/maintenance
  • the robots follow Asimov’s Laws of Robotics
  • the humans follow a new system of laws to govern the new world
  • World Federal government Plus city level. the government is spread out among the cities
  • Overused resources
  • trying to move a colony to mars, so everything must be more efficient
  • expressed through Thomas Miller
  •  Thomas Miller born 2045
    •  39 years old
    • environmental worker, make sure lava mine is not harming world
    • story relates around his change in perspective/enlightenment
    • becomes a worker because of a test he took in school, he was dissatisfied with the way things are
    • the world is run inefficiently
    • at Mercy of Globaltech
    • forced into roles because that is what nature suggests
    • He either fulfills his role in society or he gets banished to outskirts
    • city life is more comfortable
  • trying to control human population
  • Everything is either “official or not official”
  • I want to convey a world that is changing through means other than war. There will always be conflict until the great sleep. Physical conflict and show it on a global level and personal level

Possible futures

  • Best I can envision proper human development (physically, cognitively, emotionally, spiritually)
  • more equal rights/say
  • no suppression


Old man, Jesus looking guy

strapped to a white chair in a white room

Bright human figure

releases him

he walks through the exit door

flash of light

back to his first memory

he is in a cradle

his mother and father talking if they should have listened to the advice of the state and given them to a foster institution. the test they took had said they would be able to provide everything for the child but they also wanted to be career people and accomplish their goals. Both parents felt shame but they had a greater desire to help society as a whole

  • use language that entices the imagination yet doesn’t have a set description

so they went ahead and had a child. They gave the child as much attention as possible but they were affluent members of society, they had ‘important’ jobs.

So he went to school more.

every elementary school was more of a college. above-average intelligence. had dorms that students would check in for cycles. he has above average in school. There were classes at all hours about any subject.

  • bad grades at this point
  • forced out of college and uses part-time employment degree
  • not only what is happening but how you feel during what is


  • works extra job to pay for this Africa Experience
  • he was terrible fighter and always got his ass beat (Like naruto)
  • receives full-time employment degree
  • He decides to move to Africa to live with indigenous people that hunt lions.
  • Comes back, finish masters employment
  • rest classmates went for break with parents

Poor: Work minor jobs

Rich: Fun Trips

Masters employment is chosen in a generic field to learn all about it

Gone too far, everyone thinks they are equal

Capitalism creates the black market

How dispassionately the politicians speak of the market they create

I open my eyes. I hear a suction sound. I feel a warmth around my body. I see a “cleaner fish ” aka jizz sucker flopping on the pod floor as the last of the water gooes down the drain. I think the fish are getting a little too thin. The fish feels slimey in my hand as I drop him in the toilet. I see pee in the toilet. Tells me what food will be ordered t gain nutrients. Gets dressed in light blue jumpsuit. Sits in chair with computer. Reviewing records of past people and fileing them under same name. Scan throug every item of a dead person. Credit cards/ bills/ myspace/facebook/twitter. If they were a burden on society… executed. Every message be sent.

Government issued profile and email, no premenet address required.

App for each person.

I want to write about the frustrations I have in this world things that did not according to plan.

We cannot take into account all variables.

Kind of a dumbass

View of him until accident

then view from his eyes

Download his thoughts

His thoughts become the virus

“I am god” as he sees the rock rushing at him.

“real life don’t tell you the date”

His childhood before he was sent to school

He was living off the grid

Laws were highly scrutinized

Develop better laws

Quartine Zones

Tom was a young lad, the age of 4 when he was sent away from school.

More babies born on certain days.

Preventing vs Curing

Only one supplier for everything. “Forced” integration. Sell everything you have to live in new cities. After civil war U.S….

Super volcano erupting in YellowStone.

48 Laws of Power + Revelations + Matrix + Set in 2084 (1984) + agenda 21

The world is an illusion by the mind

You are not your mind

Your mind is overlay part of total (absolute) conciousness

You are a collection of your experiences

Real Truth

If you view god as the game

Nothing defies laws of physics

Our laws are bad

Playing good vs. being god

2nd life is the test server for first life

Untracable except for supreame court ruling to be made known by public domain

Internet history

Voting revolution

  • He was running for president
  • People choose to go into 2nd life permanently

When you die you make a new character

Only connected when you slee[

Giant social experiment

Be honest and true to whom you are

What is the devil? cancer

Dying to death

Do not let U.N. under control of U.S. military


Police state is coming up

State becomes the family

Federal Reserve System owns the world.

You overcome it by being free.

Become president, you have to see how this works because you have no idea, you need to save your findings

-Is it good that dems and republicans dont matter, independent thinkers is what made the U.S. great.





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