What do I want to do vs What I actually do

What do I want to do vs What I actually do

These thoughts become like mental masturbation. Only when you think critically, is this spell broken. How he rises through the jail. Situation

Its not about gimmicks

honesty is the best policy

Gods are named after people

What do I want to do


What I actually do

Why is it so hard to take the idea from your head into objective reality?

Is the idea not sound enough?Is it

Is it hard or do you make it hard?



Where did the past 7 years go?

The market pays for the black market

Is it not the correct media source?

Is it not dishonest

Is it the wrong format?

Is it writing it down a couple more times?

Was Michelangelo’s David inside the marble the whole time?

Is it even good?

Who am I to judge?

Should I just start tweeting this?

Is original content the key to happiness?

I guess I’ll find out

Was it scary?

If I had already did it, I would already have it done.

Its like there is an unknown force preventing me. This force does not exist in my senses?

I have 2 paths to choose.

I feel frozen in place.

I can’t take action on either side.

Have I been too selfish?

Do I know how the world should be organized?

Small improvements over time will lead to big results.

There is so much to get out.

Will be able to express myself?

That is not the question


Will I do it?

Use the get anyone to do anything book.



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