So I told myself

here’s what you’re going to do

You’ll write you’re own book.

But I did not know what was the matter.

I had tried before so many times you see.

I didn’t realize what you could see.

Was reading this web page was something like a book.

I just shrugged it off with no spelling mistakes.

I’ll write the first chapter, that was a safe enough goal.

Sitting on my computer, I thought about ow many hours I wanted to work.

To reach my goal. No matter the cost.

Give up Snow boarding on the Moutian.

Anyways, back to the book

I always gave up things in order to get things.

But I always got nothings.

What would you do?

For a /klondikebar/ bar?

I would rather have something read in real time.

There is always a way to catch up.

That is until it ends.

I would have to be posting it.


I Will be making more money with a fail safe?

Planning to fail?

I don’t need things

Just turn into a real nutter’

It’s all about connecting with people in a digital way?

What can I say?

As long as I keep writing.

If anyone is listening.

Leave the stream on 24/7

No more bat-in

Beatin is as bad as cheating, there I said it.

Joe Rogan would sue me for that.

Brett is stuck at the computer. Forever?

And if I am not at the computer, I lose?


Let me put it on website.

I am not really looking at chat tbh but what are you going to do.

I am going for my 15 minitues of fame.

When these 15 minitues are over your life will never be the same.

Every single person you have ever met will look at you differently. But I am not on chat.

Should I go into every single chat?

Do I need to find a troll to battle?

No better place to look than on the internet.

Would I get fired for this from my normal job keeps popping in my mind. But a better way to put it is a tethered stream of consciousness.

I am going to work on this in my spare time.

Good thing I make alolt of spare time.

Post to website