I wake up in a sleep pod filled with water.

I see a jizz sucker on the tip of my dick.

I feel the water draining from the pod.

Thomas wakes up

Thomas plays video games

Thomas goes to work

Thomas is hanging out with co-workers

Thomas takes drug

Thomas goes into a lucid dream

Thomas is awaken by emergency voice.

Thomas goes into the lava pit.

Thomas is crushed by rock.


“we have come to a great tipping point in out civilization. Energy is so cheap that all most all of humanity can live a better life more than they did 60 years ago. Those that chose the other path realize what their solution is but that won’t stop them. To them, the ends justify the means. This old way of thinking has caused people problems for millennia and I am here to help develop a new way of thinking. The government needs a new role. More of an encourager while keeping the eye on the future…


Don’t be a bozo, chase your dreams

Bet on companies, invest in micro loans

– the people that win are the ones that take a cut


*just carry notebook around


– write down good ideas


I have a constant stream of thoughts in my head, I might as well write them down


“Thought journal”


I decided to will this into action.

Through constant writing and improving, you will reach your $5,000,000.00 goal.


*create additional website


I am going to will this into reality.


Why 4th of July?

Greatest fireworks show ever produced


*make car appointment


I think I’m going crazy not the murder crazy but something different.

Focus my energy into this book/website


Captain Fantastic


Go Pro on a rat


Government would rather study the rats rather than just kill them.


The rat killer new York needs

Rat problem in cities


10 rats eating a child’s bottle

Rats in the graveyard eating bodies, flies lay eggs in the rat

Mummification of rats. Guys killing rats in

The future just what I want it to be


The problem with thought is the language you think it. Thoughts that arise are contained to your language of expression. The thoughts are translated from the “Ether” and put into language

Language as in a means of expression, in this case writing.


Cover certain thoughts with a logo


Before every circuit.


Habit creates discipline, discipline creates more habit that’s how you get success.




International army

Deemed U.S. prison labor a criminal act

They knew the bike cut out



The opportunity to be successful are out there, get yours



Individualism vs collectivism



Blame Obama for Trump

Obama’s legacy is Trump

Obama-care may have been a decent policy but it was so poorly/shady executed

They just fuck it up it seems.

Democrats will vote blue

Republicans will vote red

Independents will vote who’s not worse



-> vote me at it

Rat vs. Snakes speech

Family survivor

Watch person earns $500,000.00 pick the people


Play board games


Battle of the holiday’s game


Mon Jan 16th @ 9 TV show


The best time I write is when I have my eyes closed

You cant lift up your hand or else you lose your spot. Can you do it?

Must be easier with good posture in a flat desk.





Bombing of USS Cole – link



Bombing pledged to AL-Quested

Operative Khalid al-Midhar

He is an pentagon fight



Most people don’t understand the discipline to focus on 1 goal.



American revolutionist attacked the world energy grid

Globalist could get what they want.


They built it,

They destroy it.


I built it

I destroy it


“unknown” time line

Chapter 1 the egg

Who has biggest influence on the majority


The Onion “9-11 issue”


Gilbert Godfrey 9-11 joke

Too Soon Bro


Set up a story of evil

It doesn’t meet to be in chapter order


Post Jefferson bible

Under bible


Napster attack






Share your thoughts

Make deals with the congress

Was 9-11 an act of war?


2084 is new 9-11


Need to draw the economy

How can we grow when we have…

Hatfill is cleared of anthrax and paid by U.S. govt


– Who are the people at political rallies?


Popular culture is a response to our fears and hopes


“Tora Bora”


The UN sent troops to cut off every supply to u.s. Africa became battle ground after the middle east



Chapter 50 the egg

Each page is a different year


-genographic kit


The US sold rats to Asia


Be a reality TV show


Morgan silver $8


Thomas miller

He was a whistle blower


George bush invaded Iraq

Was his legacy


Donald Rumsfeld Unknown Unknowns !



Stealing somebodies stuff by making friends


Twitter is a high traffic website


If you ever see a video of everyone claps, it’s a lie.


It’s not a lie, its a frame


Giant wave


It’s the last days of their life


Everyone spoke a common language


Show you the news in real time, accurate information

What was being said us

What happened


We caught the crooks in action that was the turning point.


The Abu Grabe was the turning point of the war.


Trump Half Dollar



Looters –


Obama doesn’t care about black people.


Things are worse for black people now than before?



Rants/ would rather have Trump, at least Trump doesn’t lie.


*Trump help Miss USA


Trump helps Miss USAs



Title it what ever the new search is



Each Idea



Chapter 50 The Egg

Chapter 10









The bait animals to figure out where they go


Fallow birds



To find fish


E harmony



The organization is important




Which way do you want to go, backwards or forwards


* you have to do what ever you can’t not do.


Your own thoughts are better than what is spoon fed by the major networks


They manipulate by over ridding your animal responses.


The mainstream media raises some people’s consciousness


That is why it exists

We can do better

Show them.


3 different parties





Rep-> business owners

Dem-> business owners -> the welfare state

Ind-> middle class-> American Independent



#trump #newlaw



– educational videos

Education is good

Practice learning how to learn

hlearning how to learn8

Humans operate in black and white

-If I deem something positive, I will want more.

-If my brain…



A battle in the mind

The mind is not congruent with your actions

Smoking for example


If I smoke and I want to quit or say I want to quit, I still smoke


This summer visit



Steve Pavlina

Brett Valentino

/creative writing /money //build high traffic website /politics /letters to you /to do lists /health


/part 10 (2084 “perpetuallydissatisfied”) /part 1 ( 2036 “the egg”)





Put prisoners into a routine that has positive outcomes




Alignment Matrix





Create scientific data

#of cigs per day

Just a massive number of tweets


Instead of smoking a cig, I post a tweet


___turn them into youtube videos

___ mocking videos

___ read in a monotone voice


Newscaster voice

Put other peoples videos into other videos

___ why hand write this when I could just type and press send

Answer: because that is not how your process works

___ a collection of tweets with a link to that person


The world is changed by your example, not your opinion






There’s a million things to be, you know that there are


What do you create?






_create new twitter account

_make every mem and danking it “mebe”


#dank #dankifyit







#2084 Death/Birth

#2036 Death/Birth


All the little synchronizations that are hard to explain

The way the universe is opening up to you means you’re on the right track.


Believe you are on the right track


Website is a collection of tweets



144 chracters -> 1 page -> 1 chapter -> ebook

Tweet->Tweetlonger -> website -> e book


Donate $10.00 Lifetime appreciation



Cultivate a feeling of internal gratitude

Be appreciative for all you have.


#rats #2084

Math on how many rats one needs a love to keep breeding population alive


How many rats per day will you need to survive?


How many rats per day to survive





How many rats per day will you need to survive?



Human consume so much meat per year, optimal amount of protein per year. Consume neutral animal protein

You need to consume 2017 calories a day

People’s colons dissolving when we eat a perfected diet for 7 years all the cells had a chance to rebuild correctly and we began to evolve.


Feed people for $1 a day


I didn’t think anyone should die of starvation.

Create a dependent on it


#politics #abortion How many abortions per year


According to the CDC “In 2013, 664,435 legal induced abortions were reported to CDC from 49 reporting areas. The abortion rate for 2013 was 12.5 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–44 years, and the abortion ratio was 200 abortions per 1,000 live births.

Compared with 2012, the total number, rate, and ratio of reported abortions for 2013 decreased 5%. Additionally, from 2004 to 2013, the number, rate, and ratio of reported abortions decreased 20%, 21%, and 17%, respectively. In 2013, all three measures reached their lowest level for the entire period of analysis (2004-2013).”


A forced charity

Govt approved charity


The only way these laws are going to work is if they are enforced.


The infected killed all the rats


In new york the sanctions forced them to be self sufficient

What to do with the ______

The last day or their contagiousness for the honored people

The extinction of the human race

That is it

See it all the way to the end.

Buy one highlighter for each section



Last human alive


Chew on it like gum and get nutrients that way then just swallow it.

Gum that contained nutrients

Cover in flavor


“Gum that would make you feel full and provide you with all food one needed at the ratio they required.

Custom motivational posters

Name of idea: Perpetually Dissatisfied

Mode of expression: Website

Chart Goal: $ 5,000,000.00

Flow chart to success


“The Magic Formula”

Your custom gore plan

? (ideas just come to you) -> have idea -> listen to idea -> write idea in journal -> create organization for each journal -> excel spreadsheet of goals -> type up each journal entry -> tag each post -> save a digital copy of each journal entry -> highlight different colors for different sections

Practice different writing types

A word doc for each notebook

Call dealership

Get in the flow


Focus on one thing at a time


If you’re sick of the bullshit, read on.



-> idea in head

-> write in journal

-> type in word doc

-> copy pasta  twitter #

-> copy pasta tweet longer

-> copy pasta on webpage

If everything is organized well, you will be successful



Contact me if you want a free custom life plan



For my #random list for infected only.


If you feel you are dissatisfied please pay $9.95 for the cure.

Infected for $10


Four branches of govt

This is so much fun creating

Don’t expect to be an overnight success

You should just try to ride the wave


Brand new from the mind of Brett Valentino

Perpetually Dissatisfied

The frog and the toad #feelsbadman

48 lessons for your child to become a more thoughtful and successful adult.

To improve ones social status

A book you can read and discuss with your child.

Think of Aesop’s Fables but about historical events

Preorder now for $10.00 for all the articles as they are released. Once the first articles is released, the price will go to $1 an article
Direct Tax

Goal: To Make CA the greatest students in the nation

Anyone that wishes to contribute directly to education can use as a tax write off

Once we reach $45,000,000,000/

The project will be funded and no new taxes will take place and remove the old way of paying.

If amount is not met, taxes will occur as normal but at a % rate to the % of the goal.



It doesn’t matter the reality of others

*short term focus

*long term focus

*feed the right wolf


The Parable -Tale of Two Wolves

The Tale of Two Wolves


A grandfather is talking with his grandson and he says there are two wolves inside of us which are always at war with each other. 

One of them is a good wolf which represents things like kindness, bravery and love. The other is a bad wolf, which represents things like greed, hatred and fear.

The grandson stops and thinks about it for a second then he looks up at his grandfather and says, “Grandfather, which one wins?”

The grandfather quietly replies, the one you feed


Your thought are confusing me right now


Bull in a china shop









“meebee vs depay”

The more you post, the more your exposure is at first.

Buy stickers, place them everywhere.

Always improving

Just let it flow with positive body posture.

It doesn’t matter what it is.



Rats drinking the poison water turned evil

It is more pure in the cities

It eats the mountain

Outside of westworld


Define your world parameters

Being a passive person vs aggressive person

Massive deportation

Only allow vetted people

If you did not _____ you could not live in the cities

– rules must be followed

What was the plan?

Are you scared to catch up as long as you are improving

I know it’s tough but that is “A” OK.

I will also be able to practice my typing skills.


24 hour stream of a stupid meme

-current memes


Me v Todd

Beeve v Teeve


Strict laws were implemented

No more abortions

So women had their children but gave them too the state.

A state like Costco but only 2 brands

“Is this the process?”

“For me it is, for me it is.”

I just want someone that will hold me and tell me its going to be alright.