Personal Legend


No one noticed

School system turned people against skills they should learn.

Only one person had donated $1.00 to my business.

I lost faith and my vision wavered because I am a failure. That is not entirely true. I sometimes lose focus on what I want to achieve. I get distracted from my goals. Is it out of fear? I don’t know. All I knew was that I was following my Personal Legend, and my treasure was my capacity to write. And I wanted to share this treasure with the world.

I started finding a wider audience. One door opened, and the publisher on the other side believed in me and my book and agreed to give The Alchemist a second chance.

Bill Clinton


Rush Limbaugh

Will Smith

College students

Soccer moms

We suddenly talking about it

People continue to ask me if I knew The Alchemist would be such a huge success. The answer is no.

I wanted to follow the omens, because I knew even then that the omens are the language of god.

The story of one person is the story if everyone, and one man’s quest is the quest of all humanity.

I experience the same sensation I felt when I wrote it.

And here is what I feel. I feel happiness, because it is all of me, and all out you simultaneously.

I know I can never be alone

I am reminded that it is within our power to build a bridge to be crossed.



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