Chapter 11

In a world where energy is an almost infinite resource, the U.S. controls the lava mines that produce this energy. Tensions worldwide begin to rise as an unknown terrorist group begin to launch attacks. Are the past 50 years of relative world peace suddenly in jeopardy?

I wake up to siren blaring throughout the barracks. What the fuck I mutter, the voice of C.U.B. replaces the sound of the alarm and seems to answer my question. “The facility is under attack by armed, unknown assailants, please remain calm and head to the launch bay for evacuation.”I grab my bug out bag and head outside, leaving the rest of my possessions behind. I was half-way down the hall when I heard several automatic weapons behind me. I turned around and see Pika, with AR-15 in his hand and an American flag handkerchief around his neck. “GreenWood.” He rushes out toward the sound of the gunfire. C.U.B. positions itself two inches from my face. “The jump ships are leaving in 15, my access to the global optimization device is being disrupted, and we have very little knowledge of what is happening.” I snap back, “Why don’t you make yourself useful, get airborne and collect intel then. I’ll head for the armory and put in earpiece so you can keep me updated.”As C.U.B. jets upward, the gunshots go off again from the control tower in the middle of the facility. C.U.B. evades the fire and heads into the sky, out of the gunfire range.

I hear in my ear, “Those guns being fired were A.U.G. 35’s.” Instantly, I thought ‘It’s started!’ I realized that I must get to the armory quickly if the attackers were using U.N. weapons, we were going to need weapons to beat them in a firefight. More shots rang out. A crowd of panic-stricken people were rushing to the launch pad, away from the firing.  Around the facility you could hear snap — snap — snap as the workers slammed the steel shutters over their windows, implementing lockdown mode before the evacuation. In front of me, a crowd was surging into the mess hall to take cover. I decided not to follow them, it might mean being an easy target for the hostiles. At this moment James, my surgeon from yesterday, ran up to me and grabbed me by the arm. He had a look of despair on his face. “Looks like recovery time is over, let’s get down to the armory. The trouble’s starting. We must hang together.” “But what is it all about?” I ask. He was too nervous to give a very clear statement. From what I gathered, he had been in the hospital when several armed fighters had made a sudden assault upon it. Then some militia had arrived and there had been a small skirmish. The militia ended up defeating the fighters, but this was possibly their counter attack. When we arrived at the armory, a crowd of people was seething in the entrance. There was a great confusion, nobody seemed to know what we were expected to do, and very few were armed except the handful of full time Militia Troops who usually acted as guards for the facility. James had disappeared — I believe there had already been casualties and a call for doctors — but another man had arrived. He looked like a Militia commander and everyone went silent as he started to speak. “I am Major General Thomas, the commanding militia leader for this facility. I see you have decided stay and fight, I am pleased we have so many courageous workers. We are under attack by the unknown group you have heard so much about and our intel has determined there are approximately 50 armed fighters. We are unsure of their mission but odds are they wouldn’t send ground troops if they had plans to demolish this place…” Before he can finish the sentence, the building begins to shake as two large explosions go off from the direction of the launch bay. The explosions trigger a different response from Major General Thomas. His eyes begin to light up “Rodriguez, Lipton” he screams with a new found energy, “get weapons in the hands of everyone in this building. We are going to fight them with the mining suits, so all those that have clearance, follow me and prepare to suit up.” Ron, Mike, and I, follow Thomas down the stairs to center of the building. When I finish putting on my helmet, I hear a ‘pop’ and I am unable to hear. My ears begin to ooze blood over the inside of my helmet. My vision becomes hazy as I begin to lose consciousness…